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The date is the fruit of the date palm. This is an energy fruit grown primarily in the Middle East. There are many varieties of dates. They are eaten fresh, like fresh fruit, dry syrup or cream. Also, use fresh dates for prepping your meats, your couscous, your bread and muffins, not to mention the famous date squares!

  • ROTAB dates
  • Yellow Dates
  • Medjool dates
  • Red Dates
  • Sumani dates
  • Zaghloul dates
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We must remember that almonds and pistachios are really fruit, even if they are dry! Pistachios come from a small, Mediterranean climate tree called the pistachio. It lies at the bottom of a small shell that opens when the fruit is ripe, once spring arrives. They can be eaten whole and raw, as an aperitif. In the Middle East, the pistachio is widely used for cooking, ice cream and pastries.

Almonds come from the almond tree. The fruit appears as a small green peach with little flesh. The almond is the core of the fruit. Lebanese people usually eat almonds with its flesh, while they are still green and slightly acidic, seasoned or not, with salt. When the fruit is ripe, the almond is eaten raw or roasted, with a drink, or in the preparation of many dishes. 

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The beans are large green pods popular for the delicious beans they protect. Some say that this bean is the oldest of all cultivated plants. Enjoy his little earthy taste which proves to be an excellent nutritional source of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

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